Hi guys! I'm Katie and a graduate of Auburn University's Art Department. Right now, I am on a quest to start a new venture restoring various objects like furniture and other household accessories. In this blog, I am documenting my process throughout. Along the way, I want to share my ups and downs and things I've learned that could be helpful for others just starting out, as well!

I do want to add, much of the emphasis of this blog is on the process, not just the end result. I think a lot of times, we miss out on the struggle that went into a finished work and when we miss out on that, we miss out on some of the most important aspects of a work of art... and that's just a metaphor for our lives, really. In this blog, you will see all sorts of things evolve and change and transform over time. Not only will I take what people think of as "junk" and transform them, even the look of this blog will definitely change several times as I am growing and learning new things every day and every area of my life is becoming "all things new" - including blogging! So I hope in some way, this inspires and encourages others as I share my process! 

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