Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I was going through some old pictures and came across this funny project that I did for a ceramics class in which I used a crackle spray paint as a cold finish. 

{My li'l Zorro figurine}

If only I had known then what I know now about how to use green, non-toxic finishes! This one was not the healthiest of crackle mediums! I've since found the much more "green" crackle pastes and also, a way to get the crackle finish using Elmer's glue and water-based paint, such as chalk or latex... Much better than the aerosal used on this with lead in it, which you most definitely should not sand! :)

About this project... this was actually a 2-part project. In the first part, we were to involve a human and an animal. That semester, I was feeling pretty nostalgic and thinking back to old childhood memories. I chose to make a little girl dressing up her cat, the way my sisters and I used to do growing up...

 I don't have the guts to post that little creation on the interenet right now, though, because now that I look back, I don't really like it! Maybe someday.

This part of the project, though, was to go along the same theme, but utilizing a base for the ceramic object. I chose to make an old looking ceramic cradle. The cat in the cradle is based off of my cat, Zorro - dressed as a baby! ha!


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