Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Transforming Blog

Well, I have been doing a lot of reading about blogging and how to "successfully" launch one. Yikes, it appears I have already made a few mistakes if I want to successfully attract readers for the long haul!

No, at this point, this blog is not shiny and polished like many of the successful blogs I see out there and when people come look at my blog right now, many will probably think, "Oh wow, nothing great here!"

From the advice I have recently read, it's things like, "make sure your blog is polished before you start directing traffic or you may never regain their views again and your blog will be destroyed." Well, woops, I accidently commented on a couple of successful blogs because of some of the things I thought were pretty cool, and as a result, I've noticed I've gotten some traffic while my blog is in it's developing stages!

But... I kind of like how this blog is not so perfect right now. 'Course, ha, I may have lost some audience, but it's a lot like the pieces I'm working on. Not so great at first. Not polished. Not perfected yet. But just because it's not polished today, doesn't mean it never will be. By then, it may be "too late" like I keep reading, but I like to think if you are too afraid to start anything until it is perfect, you will never start. So we shall see. This story is not finished.  ;)
Screen shot of my blog at the time of this post.

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